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[Actor is Actor] Hardworking Actor Ryu Jun Yeol

[배우는 배우다] 충무로 대표 소배우 류준열

stark 2018년 02월 06일 화요일

Ryu Jun-yeol is Chungmuro’s well-known hard-working actor.

He has appeared in three films, ‘The King,’ ‘A Taxi Driver,’ and ‘Hear Blackened’ last year. This year, he has worked on other three films, ‘Little Forest,’ ‘Dok-jeon,’ and ‘Money,’ which will all be released soon.

His hobby, ‘building the filmography,’ shows his great work ethics. We present you some of the most interesting and exclusive things about Ryu that you could have never known about!

충무로 대표 소배우 류준열.

지난해 '더 킹', '택시 운전사'와 '침묵' 등 세 편의 영화에 출연했고, 올해는 '리틀 포레스트', '독전', '돈'까지 영화가 개봉을 앞두고 있습니다.

취미 생활이 '필모 모으기'라는 말이 나올 정도로 '열일' 행보를 이어 가고 있는 류준열의 매력을 모아봤습니다.

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