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The Unforgettable Seven Dreams! DreamCatcher!

매혹적인 일곱 악몽! 드림캐쳐!

stark 2018년 06월 07일 목요일

The Unforgettable Seven Dreams! DreamCatcher!

DreamCatcher is back on Idol League with their new mini album ‘Escape the ERA.’

In the album, they portray the ambiguous borderline between reality and dream, inner and outer side of people.

Through the title song 'YOU AND I,' DreamCatcher sings as if they'll be always by your side even when you are lost in the ambiguous border lines.

This shows DreamCatcher's love for their fanclub InSomnia. It's time to dive into the seven beautiful dreams!

Check them out on Idol League from STAR K!


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