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The Best of the Best! A.C.E!

BEST OF BEST! 오늘은 우리가 A.C.E!

stark 2018년 07월 02일 월요일

‘A.C.E’ is back with its first repackaged album ‘A.C.E Adventures in Wonderland’ on Idol League!

‘A.C.E’ will ace not just singing and dancing, but also variety shows!

We guarantee the laughs. Join us today with A.C.E~

TEARS challenge with an empty stomach?

Dong-hoon's difficult ‘TEARS’ challenge!

Check out the awesome song ‘Take Me Higher’!

I'm the A.C.E of my team!

Fall for ‘A.C.E’ today!

Don’t miss out on STAR K’s IDOL LEAGUE!

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