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Make Your Teenager! MYTEEN!

당신의 10대를 만들어줄게요! 마이틴!

stark 2018년 07월 31일 화요일

MYTEEN has returned to the 'YOUTH' after a year !

Do you think they are still fresh young boys? Nope ! They've transformed into Real Men!

Sexy MYTEEN is returned with the 2nd mini album 'F;UZZLE' at 'Idol League' !

Fantastic performance is the basics of this album. And the title song ‘SHE BAD’ sounds much mature than before. 

It is about expressing a boy’s feelings to make a girl whom he had a crush on !

What? IQ level 142?! 

Smart and sexy Taevin who graduated from a talented education academy will show you reversal attraction !

In addition, Chun Jin doing 14 rounds of spinning kicks is coming soon ! 

He were to develop a typhoon from his powerful kicking.

From showing talents to mimicking, MYTEEN is capable of everything !

Let's check it out in 'Idol League' Season 2 ! Let's go !

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