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매력게이지 200%! 골든 차일드!

stark 2018년 08월 08일 수요일

Golden Child came back with young and fresh charm, which worth every penny!

Cute! Sexy! And even tough! What will be the result of their dance battle?

Our MC represents Idol League’s official dancing machine. In response, the Goldie’s Leader Daeyeol will dance against MC Boom!

Please check it out in Idol League Part 1!

Fiery thigh wrestling battle will be re-matched!  The milk boy Seungmin exudes unexpected charms!

A wannabe pro-eater Jaehyun drops key tips for eating well, stating ‘breads should be eaten from crunchy corners~’

In addition, Jangjun goes on the fun and entertaining eating show following Jaehyun !

No lighting is needed! Because their 3 levels of bright smile are prepared for brightening up our ‘Goldness’.

All of this will be unveiled in Idol League Part 2!

Let’s get rid of stress! Bammmm! How will Golden Child relieve stress?

The answer is simple in hot summer! Spread ices! Starting from tough Jibeom ! 

He is at least the master of eating the best fried chicken! Joochan prefers eating 1 fried chicken per 1 person.

How will remake song of Golden Child’s ‘LET ME’ sound like?

Please check it out in Idol League ~ HURRY UP!

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