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TARGET Pyramid Self-indtoduction, Is it REAL?

타겟 PRㅏ미드 자기소개! 실화냐?

stark 2018년 08월 13일 월요일

Welcome to 'Idol Level Up' !  Are you here for the first time ?

"I ate Gimbop for breakfast." Baun gives out too much information. 

TARGET is so powerful and attractive ! Also, you will see Woo Jin's amazing acrobatic.

If you wonder about their talents, check it out at 'Idol Level Up' Part. 1 !

TARGETembrrassed our PD and scriptwriter because of their energy and passion !

They have the best teamwork !

BUT! Mission Fail! THE END !! GAME OVER !!!

If you wonder, CHECK IT OUT ! Right now !

TARGET will read their honest and serious letters !

No one will ever predict them ! We also use a lie detector to detect their truth !

There will be some touching  moments, and there is a slight twist too. What will be on TARGET's mind?

All of these will be revealed in 'Idol Level Up' Part. 3 !

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