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COME ON! IN2IT(인투잇)!

stark 2018년 08월 16일 목요일

BAAM! It’s the time to introduce our disco men, IN2IT!


From Inho who shows full of reactions to the dance king Isaac who’ll dance along to ‘Lady’ and Celeb 5’s song !

If you wonder about IN2IT’s charming self-introduction, check it out in ‘Idol League’ Part. 1 !

Super MC. BOOM!! IN2IT’s efforts to captivate BOOM’s heart!

Is it for REAL? Yeontae feared by aggressive MC. BOOM!

Jian and Hyunuk have a fiery showdown?!

Please join us in IN2IT’s show !

All will be revealed in ‘Idol League’ Part. 2 !

IN2IT unveils their solid skills! Random dancing time!

Mimicking a meerkat! Hyunuk finally makes pass after hard times!

Excuse me, sir? Inho makes failure in the mission!

If you wonder about IN2IT’s random dance, please check it out in ‘Idol League’ Part. 3 !

Ta-da! There he comes!

The dancing king Inpyo who perfectly dances along to Sunmi’s Gashina!

Besides, he continues working hard to captivate dear fans!

What if you fall for IN2IT’s charms?

Check it out in ‘Idol League’ Part. 4

The lyricist ‘IN2IT’! Copyright by ‘Anyone’!

IN2IT will rewrite the lyrics of their song ‘Sorry For My English’!

Chilled pigs feet ATTACK! IS TRUE LOVE! Starting from Inpyo!

Charming like an old man! Summer is just for your back! 

Ending with a giant baby Sunghyun!

Also, you’ll see IN2IT’s runway walking for an ending credit!

All of these will be revealed in ‘Idol League’ 5 !

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