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반해버렸어! 지금은 라붐앓이 시간!

stark 2018년 09월 05일 수요일

LABOUM showing full of silliness and cuteness at the waiting room!  

“Softness I never felt before~“ Yujeong who desires to film CF.

BAAM! BAAM! Talented Haein to get LATTE’s heart!

Please check it out at ‘Idol League’s Selfie Time’

LABOUM has came back with ‘Between Us’ accentuating feminity!

BUT their cuteness never disappear. Check out their cute self-introduction!

Our MC. BOOM appears as a dancing machine as usual!

Besides, a dancer Haein’s dancing lessons!

Stay tuned with ‘Idol League’ Part 1!

Limitless LABOUM! Time to see their talents!

WHAT? They sing through their shoulders? 

ZN mimicking a song.. but seemed to be sick a bit.

CHECK IT OUT! Solbin’s rapping is SWAG!

Do you wonder how CUTE LABOUM is?

Check it out at ‘Idol League’ Part 2!

BOOSTING UP LATTE’s DAY! What will be LABOUM’s charm?

LABOUM’s full of passion like a rich Mansour! 

From Solbin who finishes up everything with passion to Soyeon with blonde hair!

When they both meet, their passion never stops. THE END!

Also, Soyeon has amazing vocal!

If you wonder LABOUM’s hidden charms, all will unveil at ‘Idol League’ Part 3!

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