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Woo Woo! Do It Amazing D.I.A!

보석보다 빛나는 ‘다이아’가 상큼함에 섹시함까지 더해서 돌아왔다!

stark 2018년 09월 25일 화요일

Shining more like Diamonds ‘DIA’ has came back with much matured, sexy and refreshing looks!

Is she really a student of a legend singer ‘NAUL’? REAL? Cool vocal line Jooeun who will sing ‘The Memoty of Wind’!

Please check it out at Idol League Part 1 where you can find all different and infinite charms of 8 members! 

Gotcha~ Gotch~ I gotcha~ I have that bag!

‘GOT Heehyun’ making a fashionable item with a plastic bag made by Idol League!

And a little bit of sad(?) story on why Jenny loves eating breads..!

If you wanna check out beagle-like idol DIA,

check at Idol League Part 2 right now~!

DIA’s talent showtime! Did you think it’ll end? Nope! It begins now!

One Alcohol per One Day~! From a real alcol-lover Chaeyeon to Yebin’s unique(?) talent mimicing Doraemon making a doorbell sound..?!

You can see all of them at Idol League Part 3!

What’s DIA’s own precious diamond moment or thing?

‘I’m the cutest in the world’ A cute member Eunchae!

Dancing! Singing! They’ve got all! Eunice!

Somyi loves eating so much that she’s got 3 stomaches.. Really?!

If you wonder, check out at Idol League Part 4!

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