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보는 순간 심장루팡! 찾았다! 오마이걸!

stark 2018년 10월 12일 금요일

A fairy concept is here!

OH MY GIRL finally is here at Idol League!

Binnie's TMI everywhere!

Also, Seunghee's cuteness which is for Miracle~

Check it out! Right NOW!

7 lovely girls came back finally!

Cries only when she feels depressed or angry. LOL.

Candy leader Hyojung who's always positive
to Jiho who has excellent appetite about season food!

She'll be the next Daejanggeum.

If you wonder how OH MY GIRL will introduce themselves,
check out at Idol League Part.1!

Aftereffect about real chocolate bread.

Arin who is quietly in a war for her white teeth... LOL

Meanwhile, YooA who perfectly finishes her CF on hangover bread.

Let's look at them at Idol League Part. 2!

FIREWORK NO.1 in music chart and music broadcasting!

Timeless! Say all things you want~

From their love of life MIRACLE to their parents and relatives and even their guards!

If you wonder about OH MY GIRL's affection, 
check it out at Idol League Part.3!

Seven girl idols who know how to eat!

Oh my girl's food in the fall?

You can not stop me from swelling! Binnie to use the ribs!

Besides Mimi's realistic tone !?

If you are wondering about Oh my girl who has become a lyricist
Do not miss 'the 4th edition of the IDOL LEAGUE'

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