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Guaranteed Laughter! Cute Tangerine! Kim Dong Han!

웃음 보장! 입덕 보장! 귀염뽀짝 김동한!

stark 2018년 11월 13일 화요일

Kim Dong Han has came back with a concept of ‘fall man’ !

‘Hi, guys!’ His challenge in eating chicken!

Meanwhile, you will learn hot TIP to eat chicken easily~

If you wanna check his charming eating show,

check it out at Idol League Part 1~!

Famous from now on! ‘Why We Are Kim Dong Han~!’

Let’s GO check it out Dong Han’s charms that no one can escape.

Additionally, Dong Han’s special sexy point!?

Full of charm! Full of wit!

If you wonder who’s Kim Dong Han!

Check it out at Idol League Part 2~!

If you wonder, ask Dong Han!

From Dong Han’s music playlist,

To BTS, Taemin, Twice, and Sunmi’s random dance!

Check all at Idol League Part 3~!

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