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Unpolished Beauty! Plus wild and sexy! Voice for YOU! 14U!

야성미 받고! 야생미까지 더한! Voice for YOU! 원포유!

stark 2018년 12월 19일 수요일

Kwangggg~ We’re the wild boys. 14U!

The leader who’s the youngest but not really~ Esol!

Luha, a ‘hip’ insider, who can sing a cat song! Meow~

There’s more left in 14U’s self-introduction!

If you wanna see, check out at ‘Idol League’ Part 1~

Full of passion! Rich in passion!

Mr. Passion Mansur! From B.S. with full of excitement To Loudi, a human translator who can speak 6 different languages!

We want to see more!  

14U’s self-introduction will be unveiled at ‘Idol League’ Part 2!

Sudden clap! LOL. ‘Dad joke’ by Hyunwoong!

Haribu~ I love them!!! A full of cuteness Sejin!

I reject! You’ll be fall in love with 14U!

Check their charms at ‘Idol League’ Part 3!

Cute 14U BYE!  Wild boys 14U ‘s (N.E.W.S)!

YAP! You’ll know how fatal their title song is!

Plus! Fierce and intense game in choosing Main vocal leader!

You’ll enjoy a lot. Check out at ‘Idol League’ Part 4!

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