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JBJ95's real couple chemistry

리얼부부 케미 폭발하는 젭꿍이!

stark 2018년 12월 27일 목요일

JBJ95 came back to fans who've waited for their debut for so long!

In no time~!! So long~! Sanggyun's clear pronunciation and vocalization!

MC. BOOM's requests all accepted! KENTA!

Perfect Chemistry! If you wanna see JBJ 95,

please join us at 'Idol League' Part 1!

YO! This is real acting! BAAM!

Romantic Doctor!? NO! Romantic Doctor Kim Sanggyun!

Kenta who works hard to read the script!

If you wanna see JBJ95's cute acting, 

check it at 'Idol League' Part 2~

Sanggyun... You'll clean up right? And clean Kenta!

Hope you can understand. Just a little 'the LOVE' Sanggyun!

Not just friends, they've got real chemistry! JBJ 95!

Please watch 'Idol League' Part 3~!

Kenta even prepares for TOPIK~

Passionate Kenta's dictation test.

If you check his cutest test process, watch 'Idol League' Part 4~

JBJ95's hommage girl group?!?!

Spending time with JGJ95 fans!

'Idol League' Part 5 will be with fans! 

It will be unveiled, RIGHT NOW!

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