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Sentimental and mature HOTSHOT!

아련美에 성숙美까지!! 다채로운 매력으로 돌아온 핫샷!

stark 2019년 01월 09일 수요일

From producing the sentimental title song,
to participating in the sub-title song's choreography !
Mature HOTSHOT's second mini album 'Early Flowering' story.

'Awkward fairy' YoonSan responding sharply to the members' story
And Timoteo desire for 'Awkward fairy' title!
HOTSHOT finding for signs of genius! So fun!
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Sentimental leader Junhyuk, but it is like dad taste?!
Taehyun cursing during recording..?!
Stars' battle to dance master!
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Love for Samoyed! From Yunsan to Timoteo, and alcoholic Junhyuk!
Relieving anger by varis methods!
If you wonder, check out at 'Idol League' Part. 4~

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